Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Catching my breath

Just now getting some energy back from this weekend. The Up Side Down Du went pretty well.
Tough course and it was an eye opener to some.
Super big thanks goes out to everyone that volunteered. I really appreciate it.
Here is a full race write up.
Enjoy some pictures. Or not, blogger is f'ing up. Only two pics tonight.

it was a good time and everyone seemed to enjoy it. i know i enjoyed watching and helping out!

be safe!

peace out, yo!
looks like a very fun race...

great stuff you and others are doing with multi sport races... keep it up Jeff

thanks for the offer to ride sunday morning. i'm going to lincoln to pit for jackal so i won't be around here but we'll get together another time.. :)

have a great weekend!

peace out, yo!
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