Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Ingawanis photo dump

Last Sunday was the Camp Ingawanis XC MTB Race. Over 70 hours of trail work and countless more hours of planning went into the event. Saturday the course was fast and everyone was pumped about Sunday. Mother nature was pumped to...........pumped to blast down 30mph winds and 3 hours of rain on everyone at the camp. The race did take place and event directors Casey Dean and Carl Buchanan did a fantastic job of changing plans with the weather. Nice job guys! It was a day everyone will not soon forget. Below are so photos from the day.

Jeff Kerkove doing geting his "yo,yo what up, you like these grips?" on.

Cam won the expert race and then said cheese!

Bidwell's bike after less than 4 miles on course

This guy should have just brought a single speed

Casey soiled, I mean, with some fresh Ingawanis soil on himself

Jeremy aka "Sexy Legs" Bidwell. (yes that is a skirt)

nice blog
ummmm... some of those pics would make for a good "post your best caption"
i saw that skirt on bidwell....

nice legs!

peace out, yo!
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