Monday, May 28, 2007



I was able to take off for a couple of hours today to scout the Greenbelt for the route I would like to use during the 1/2 marathon I'm promoting. Met Kerkove, Carlos, Father of Carlos, and Super Saul on my way out of Hudson and they were rolling in. I had a nice tail wind on the way north to the Greenbelt. This area has been flooded for much of the spring and 2 more inches last week didn't help.

I arrived at the shelter on the north side of Ridgeway Ave. and headed out for some mileage readings. I came across my first wet spot within a mile, no big deal. Then I came to the next one, It was a dry run bed that was full of water about 8 feet across. Well, I needed a mileage count so I slammed into it, hub deep and I was stopped! Didn't fall but had to dismount and would have soggy shoes and fox socks the rest of the ride.

I came to several more more low spots, I did eat it on one causing a soggy ass and wet cell phone. I should just leave that thing at home! Finally I made it to the dike, and crossed back across the creek to take a lap around Greenbelt lake. Then back into the single track to cross all the same low spots again. By now I'm a wet muddy mess, no worries. Up a small hill and then the only true single track in the Greenbelt. Total mileage was 6.8, not bad.

I then headed to the south side it was not as wet but plenty sandy and parts of the trail had fallen into the creek, yikes! I completed the south side with less drama than the north and had a mileage of over 7 for the south. Sweet, a total of 13.1 shouldn't be a problem for the trail run. And the cool thing about running is plowing through a stream or creek isn't a big deal and people kind of expect it. I think this should be a good event.

Ok, I'm out. Short week and the shop is busy, should be interesting.


you make that ss fly, eduardo! woohoo!

the trip home? well, you have to remember that "it's all training"....

peace out, yo!
Yea, training.......If I just knew for what???
Put the cell phone in a Ziploc.
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