Friday, July 15, 2005


3 for 3

First 3 workouts of my mid-season improvement plan are in the books and I'm feeling pretty good. Wednesday night was a 50min session on the trainer while watching the tour. It was funny, as the stage was ending and you could see riders pushing for the line I looked at my heart rate and I was up 5 beats. Guess I was racing with them! Last night was a 20 min run and 15 min in the weight room. Today is an off day, which is good cause the weekend it nuts!
Fireman's dance tonight. 6:00-12:00am
10:00am parade Saturday. Party at 4:00, wedding at 5:00, another party at 6:00, and fireworks at 10:00pm. How am I going to make all that work????
Sunday is Waterball fights, always a good time.
Enjoy the weekend.


Time on the trainer in the summer.... o' boy
corn tri is a wierd little event and course. i've had, in reality, one good race there, and that was the day after the tri/mt. iowa games double. sooo, what i'm saying is screw the plans. wake up early and run a hilly route at least five days a week. swim quality (drills & fast 100's) and throw in a bike ride when you can.
it's all about running hills and trails. keep lifting 2 sets of twelve.
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